Semester1/ Critical Entries

Throughout my blog this semester there is more focus upon critical questions, I find that under a critical eye I can uncover more about the authors produced works as opposed to gaining an understanding through more creative means; as a result I have a higher number of critical blogs in contrast to creative. Through critical explanation or discussion I am better at analyzing and discovering different poetic techniques. Poetic techniques essentially convey meaning, deciphering the included poetic techniques and how they are employed in plays, films, novels and poetry, is what I attempt through my critical entries. The critical entries within the blog also discuss issues like, female sexual exploitation seen throughout Mary Wollstonecraft’s “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” and other issues included in literature of the 19th century,  that remain incredibly relevant to today’s society. Throughout my critical entries I discuss a writer’s ability to remain relevant, inspire change and interest their reader in a timeless experience.

Critical Entry 1

Critical Entry 2


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