Mary Wollstonecraft applied herself to changing the opinion of the women of her time, during the late 18th century; however her work continues to be relevant to modern women. Her “vindication of the rights of women” pressed upon the importance of virtues over the shallowness of materialism. Within a world filled with an overwhelming amount of imagery which is in no small part sexualised, women are plastered with advertisement concerning how they should appear, from their clothes to shoes and jewellery. Therefore as women of the modern age are presented with a large amount of such materialism on a daily basis, Wollstonecraft’s ideas of the upholding of virtues is a stance that extends to the modern woman, pleading for her to ignore her materialistic fascinations and focus on virtues such as intelligence and drive which afford greater opportunities in the modern world. My fellow group member Jude agrees that Wollstonecraft’s ideals definitely apply to society ever since the 19th century. Yet she believes that there is a downside, Jude believes that “it tends to be forgotten by some women who search for social and economical opportunity.”
Engraving of Mary Wollestonecraft