2. Imagine yourself into the role of either Shelley or Shakespeare. In a short prose paragraph see if you can express (from what you know already- don’t need to go into great research depths) why you wrote Twelfth Night or Prometheus Unbound.

I wrote Prometheus Unbound to express my own values, to highlight the importance I put upon free creativity. My own values in terms of the gifts that Prometheus escaped with, for I don’t believe fire was his only gift. He also brought humans a sense of purpose, gave them an opportunity to make themselves useful, it was an illumination of sorts, not just for human mere creativity, but also intellect and spirit. Aside from Prometheus, I also wanted to provide strong characters like Asia for my audiences, as my own voice to come to Prometheus’ defence. To be unbound is to be unchained or free, Prometheus became my symbol for creativity and unleashing Prometheus was metaphoric for unleashing my own creativity. I also wanted to inspire others to do the same.

Percy Bysshe Shelley