The film Pandemonium presented the impulses of young Romantics to change the focus of the society in which they lived. Do you think their impulse has any relevance to your own experience today in the 21st Century.

Everybody strives to make a difference, whether this is through thoughts or actions. As such Pandemonium has much relevance to my own experiences today in the 21st century. The impulses of the two young men are to change the focuses of society through their thoughts and messages which flowed into their poetry; in the current century such a difficult undertaking is done through similar ways, through one art form or another. This may be done through modern paintings or visual media like movies or television. Through these modern forms of art, each creator is able to pass along themes or messages the same way the Romantics did in their poetry, although perhaps less subtly than the depth within the poetry which they were producing. No matter the form though, each attempt to apply a talent to produce something which will be a vehicle used to share any type of message or theme is the same in any century whether it be the Pandemonium’s context or the 21st Century.

Pandaemonium Movie Poster