With reference to Emily Bronte, explain how poetry becomes the means whereby she is able to embody a subtle, but important experience that continues to speak powerfully to us today. Consider using the poem “Stars” to illustrate this idea.

Bronte’s use of a simple experience like star gazing in her poem “Stars” is the first step she takes to connect her audience strongly to her poetry. With the audience connected to the simple activity that is the basis of her poem, Bronte begins to expand. She builds to her subtle love of the night and it’s darkness in general as opposed to bright light of daytime. Through her poetic language techniques she is able to express her love of the night, as she juxtaposes it with the day time and all the negative connotations she sees and specifically attaches to the day. Especially with the example of juxtaposition in the lines “And scorch with fire the tranquil cheek/Where your radiance fell?” she contrasts the discomfort she feels during the day and then the tranquility she feels during the night. The importance she puts in emphasising this difference immediately puts this subtle experience into focus as a simultaneously powerful experience we as an audience strongly relate to.

Maldevian Starry Sky (by Dominic Kamp)