Imagine yourself into the role of Sissy Jupe (Girl Number 20!). Write a letter to a friend (back in the circus) describing what it feels like to be living with the Gradgrinds.

Dear Lovely Friend,
Everybody is so unfeeling. They are all so incredibly devoid of anything akin to the need to express emotion. Resulting in may remaining incredibly stone faced upon any case that requires any. It makes me miss everyone in the circus, the family even more. This very family is wrapped in a tone of grey that only comes with an unchanging sense of self importance and short-sightedness. Mr. Gradgrind as successful a fellow as he may be hold facts to the highest possible esteem. Unfortunately so do his children. Poor Louisa, such a confused girl I endeavour to help her for I feel my own emotion beginning to strain against my own surrounding, I cannot begin to imagine how poor Louisa feels. Her husband is no different, neither is her brother. I cannot begin to tell you how often I use my imagination to escape. To navigate the stagnant waters I’ve been drawn into under the Gradgrind’s care.