Try writing a description of one of the people you know well (family member, friend, colleague…) in the style of George Eliot.  This will challenge you to look closely at what the elements of her style are. I look forward to seeing some results. This exercise can give you a deep insight into Eliot’s writing practice.

Silviya had a type on beauty which she could never confirm to herself, which essentially resulted in her own opinion being not in the least self-involved or assured. Although many others could do so as she wore only the best dress she could find this combined with sharply angled features narrowly focused on her incredible sense of creativity and the dark rich smoothness of her skin. How could they not notice? Silviya had also gained many good prospects, without much help from connections, although those she had made were characteristically ‘good’. A general sense of cleverness and a bright spirited nature clung around her as one would constantly see her surrounded by music or at a great gathering. As much as she physically made each appearance so did her amicable charm and an easy abandon of virtue when the situation was light enough to call for such things.