Creative- take a line from either Eliot or Woolf and use this line as an opportunity to  express something of your own understanding, in the style of either of these authors.

“How readily our thoughts swarm upon a new object, lifting it a little way, as ants carry a blade of straw so feverishly, and then leave it…”
– The Mark on The Wall Virginia Woolf
A thousand question float through one’s mind. Questions ever posed with different answers, all which could lead to a completely different life. Thoughts flow to follow the questions unstoppable? Perhaps. The thoughts travel the very same ebbing, weaving, twisting and turning path taken with that of indecision. As a result each decision creates a new path. Like a maze, a turn per thought, per question. The leaves green; in deep shades, large and fully formed like idea’s come to fruition or wilted shades in smaller shapes like an idea undernourished and unspoken. The leaves more meticulously grown and shaped evergreen towards the middle of the maze were the prize of awaits those with the more grandiose thoughts. Those who make clear decision who find their means to an end.