Write a short review of the Mansfield story that appealed to you most. It does not need to be one that we looked at in lectures or tutorials.

I enjoyed the Daughters of the Late Colonel, of all of Mansfield’s stories. I quite enjoyed the bickering between the Daughters, a unyielding answer for the barrage of questions and thoughts that they threw back and forth. Their conversations remind me of the rapid fire between me and my own sisters. That’s not to say we we’re anywhere near as troublesome and cumbersome as the Colonels Daughters though. The lack of structure is reminiscent of a household, thrown into chaos at the loss of its leader at the hands of the theme of death. It’s also shows its modernist style, as well as through its structurally conforming and constant shifting narrative. As the flow introduces different stories into the mix, with each various character that interrupts the sisters’ thoughts from something as small as a mouse to the house cook.