Chose one of the modernist paintings viewed during this week’s visit (go on a virtual visit of the gallery if you missed the visit) and discuss the ways in which it has opened your mind to a new understanding of what Modernism is and how this understanding helps your appreciation of literary modernism.

Jon Olsen “Five Bells”, didn’t exactly open my mind to a new understand but instead enhanced it. The biggest difference it made was that it showed me that modernism ins’t solely a style or technique used in literature, but it can also be used in other forms of art. Olsen created, to me a perfect example of what modernism means. It’s bent, out of shape, unstructured the colours leak beyond the black boundaries and I find myself leaning in toward the painting in an attempt to discern its meaning. Like true modernism, it isn’t what is on the surface, the painting must be observed before it begins to let slip its nuances, it helps to acknowledge the certain amount of intertextuality. Again, this intertextuality is not simply between texts but instead between individual pieces of art. The use of colour in “Five Bells” is not confront but caught my eye when first looking at the picture