Produce a mini Digital Kit of resources for George Orwell.

Did you know George Orwell was a pen name, meet Eric Arthur Blair, born 1903. Who went on to write countless literary criticisms of humans and government through his novels. Popular selections include Animal Farm and the chilling 1984.  This is one of many pages detailing the life of historic figures. Orwell’s contributions to literature make him an important addition in relation to creativity, culture and thought. A site with a biography, with excerpts from his novels written throughout his life. A documentary of George Orwell, his life in pictures, reflections upon his books and quotes. The documentary re-creates his life based upon Orwell’s own words, written in his novels or drawn from his essay. documentary specific to the influence of Orwell’s literary text, 1984. With focus on Room 101, and its disturbing idea of the novel being an intense reflection upon Orwell’s context.

George Orwell