2/ In “The School Boy”, in “The Poison Tree”, in “The Human Abstract” -and in his letters- Blake shows penetrating insight into the human condition. What part of the human condition has he most to say about to you?

Blake has a great talent for expressing his insight into the human condition. The condition he has the most to say about to me is the importance of our emotions. That we as humans are strengthened by our emotions and we can also wield our emotions for our experiences. That we use our emotions for many purposes which can be both physical, like in The Poison Tree and spiritual like in The School Boy. Blake also delves into more traditional emotions like wrath and jealousy in The Poison Tree which slowly and metaphorically morph into a more physical shape as vengeance succeeds at the end of the poem with a foe’s death. This differs to a more spiritual use that I see in The School Boy, wherein Blake uses the poem to argue the importance of emotion, that it can be learnt through one experience and applied to another experience. Blake uses the example of a school boy wrapped in studies with zero life experience, to test his emotions. What type of courage will the School Boy have to wield when met with adversity, if he has no experience with emotional adversity, if the School Boy’s emotions are not tested by real world experience.