3/ “London”- do the insights that Blake applies to the London of his times have any relevance at all to the Sydney in which you live? Write a short paragraph or compose a short poem that gives your sense of the relationship of your modern city to the Blake’s “London”.

Winding through streets of Sydney,
Like the charter’d streets of London in all but name.
In every face that passes me,
I see passing sadness, passed into despair.

In every silent scream of every person,
In every silent plea,
In every silenced voice,
The mind-forg’d manacles re-emerge to clamp on tighter than before.

These are the main relative insight’s Blake’s London shares with my Sydney. I see an unhappy population, bound by law. Where the inequality on supposedly liberal streets abounds, prime examples are the homeless and also those who suffer at the government’s hand. Those who are affected by the unemployment rate of some other knock on effect of the economic crisis. However the reason I didn’t continue is that I couldn’t find any relevance in Blake’s further insights.