1/ Does Allen Ginsberg’s account (page 519) of his experience with WB give you any sense of the power of Blake’s art (poetry and painting)?

In Ginsberg’s account of his experience with William Blake’s poetry, he describes it as a catalyst. It’s an awakening at the sound of Blake’s voice. His better understanding makes him more aware of his surroundings. Ginsberg also describes it as a heightened conscious. This conscious allows Ginsberg to see more details of the life around him, as well as the ability to see the conscious that lies within others, referring to this as the unconscious. By the sheer power of Blake’s words Ginsberg’s imagination was able to conjure up something much more physical. Through this stronger representation Ginsberg is able to more deeply understand the poem which unlocks Blake’s own revelations to Ginsberg. This has the result of influencing how Ginsberg views the world. Anything that can have this type of influence over thought, in this case Blake’s poetry over Ginsberg’s perceptions, is an art that I sense to be immensely powerful and effective.