No Question this week, instead I thought I’d upload this. It is a video created by a group of people and I to express how we understood the ideas behind William Blake’s work. Mostly we worked with his concept of seeing through the eye, versus seeing with the eye, mostly relating to Blake’s idea of doors. Seeing with the eye is to shut the door and remain behind it, seeing through the eye is to open the door, and experience the outside. We provided some highly shallow institutionalised points of view as an example of seeing with the eye. We juxtaposed these examples with more open and liberal points of view to indicative of those that see through the eye. Then we delved even further into seeing through the eye. We travelled through the door, with a relevant Blake quote, into the environment which was a focus of Blake’s emphasis of experience. We’ve emphasised the scenery with a song by OneRepublic that speaks to this idea of experience.