Write a paragraph in David Malouf’s style describing your meeting with a stranger. What thoughts did you find inhabiting you in the process?

When encountering the stranger in the street, his kindness was expressed in the apology released for bumping into me. An air of importance surrounded him, only humbled by the act of stooping to help me pick up papers I had dropped. From a tall, proud and broad stature to bended knee, where he was within my direct eye line, I observed a strong, stubborn jaw complementing a straight mouth and a well-defined brow. It helped to shadow a serious gaze, which easily fixated whilst simultaneously smoothly considering the scene before him. He landed a heavy briefcase atop of some of the papers that were tempted to catch the wind and fly away.

Malouf writes with a very descriptive flair of style. He tends to lean towards more describing the emotions of a character, which only serves to compliment the latter physical descriptions, which is what I’ve attempted to do above.