Semester 1/ Creative Entries

3/ Creative Entries

This semester, I have only blogged three creative questions, all 19th authors are incredibly supreme in their descriptions of the worlds that they have created. I found it an incredibly daunting task to attempt to adhere to their styles to explain reasoning or describe something from the novels or even something from my own reality. However questions demanding creative entries that asked for me to take upon myself their character or style of writing drove me to discover more about the 19th century authors themselves. This was so that I could better understand what in turn drove them to write, what motivated character descriptions or inspired their written universes.  The first of my entries demanded me to step into the shoes of Percy Shelley and describe his motives behind Prometheus Unbound. The second called for knowledge of the personality of the Dickens’ character Cecilia “Sissy” Jupe to creatively scribe a letter as if she was writing it. The third requested that I adopt the style of Eliot to describe someone close to me. Through these creative entries I was able to expand on my skill of employing a wide range of vocabulary as well as poetic techniques such as personification, metaphor and a flowing prose. I also had the chance to experiment on a creative entry with the use of transmedia and was able to put in my own efforts with my group to create something we all very much enjoyed completing.

Creative Entry 3

Transmedia Creative Entry


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