Semester2/ Summative Response

Has keeping an interactive, on-line Literature journal enhanced my understanding of some of the key issues in Twentieth Century Literature.

Keeping an interactive Literature Journal has enhanced my understanding of twentieth century literature as a whole, as well as a more in depth consideration of the key issues that prominently emerged from the art during the period. A period where in artists avoided the strict, cold facts and instead favoured alternative themes of chaos, beauty, curiosity and creativity. I was able to discover all of this through my blogs, each post allowed me to rediscover a different meaning with each time I read through the material related to the question chosen either creative or critical.

Turning attentions unto forms of literary art like the works of Joseph Conrad or Scott Fitzgerald highlight the focus and support these artists lend to the idea of creativity and hope. Coincidently both authors were the focus of two of my personal favourite journal entries to write. Both entries were from a critical standpoint to address how the writer portrayed his subject and how they sized up in comparison to others.  The blogging process allowed me a chance to delve a little further into both the artist’s work The Nigger of Narcissus preface and The Great Gatsby, outside of tutorial and lectures. It afforded me the time to concentrate and focus on better understanding the text. Both Conrad’s artist and Fitzgerald’s Gatsby are imbued with a superior and untainted hope in difference to the other characters, Conrad’s scientist remains in his metaphorical and symbolic cold hard shell created by facts encasing their emotions, much like Daisy Buchanan who is very much aware of her husband’s infidelity and choses to appear ignorant in public to save face. Very much unlike modern characters like the artist who is defined as ever curious, always expanding in his creativity in touch with his feelings. Similarly Gatsby is made to seem the greater man, seeking emotion through his attempts to win over Daisy and yet ever the creative, throwing lavish parties and spinning elaborate tales of his past. Both blog entries allowed for the better understanding of Twentieth Century Literature through critical perspectives on the text.

I found I could do the very same with the creative tasks of the journal entries. The creative questions much of the time requested an adaption of the artist’s work, whether this meant incorporating a line from one of Hopkins’ poems or an attempt to match the writing style of Virginia Woolf. In preparation of answering the creative question chosen some weeks, a close study of the literary art provided insight into the motivations of the authors, what the themes were and what drove them to write what they did. This both added to my ability to understand the complexities of their work but also to identify Hopkins’ appreciation of beauty and expressions of sorrow. It also helped me to identify the styles of writing for example the ordered chaos of Woolf, especially in her written free running thoughts which comprised her essay The Mark on the Wall. Hence I was able to; more successfully adapt lines and create from this point with a fuller understanding of the Authors meaning and intent in each line and imitate the style of writing with more accuracy.

First Blog of the Semster!


1 thought on “Semester2/ Summative Response”

  1. Nikola, lots of good ideas here, but your writing is somewhat chaotic and needs careful editing. I have picked up only a few of the glitches here. You need help and you need to take care. can help a little. Try it.
    Editing Needed (and some workshop follow-ups- see Purdue Owl for help:
    * A period where in artists avoided =A period wherein artists avoided [ ]
    *I was able to discover all of this through my blogs, each post allowed me= I was able to discover all of this through my blogs. Each post allowed me [New sentence required here. You should also explore
    *Turning attentions unto forms of literary art = Turning attention to forms of literary art
    *are imbued with a superior and untainted hope in difference to the other characters= This doesn’t make sense. Read it aloud and see if you can fix it.

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