Semester2/ Transmedia Vlog

Transmedia Vlog

I very much enjoyed doing the Vlog this semester.  We were all tasked with the challenge of getting into groups and creating a 10 minute or so video to present to the class. We were free to choose which text we would adapt. Between our group we chose Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia.

The Content of our Vlog was decided upon as a group, knowing that we only had 10minutes for the video we had to find a way to make the presentation succinct, we decided upon just adapting the introductory beginning. The characters we’re just being introduced, it included a bit of mystery a bit of tongue in check playfulness and also humour. We didn’t want our video to be boring, wanted to entertain, doing a scene in the middle of the play would’ve been too confusing for the audience and much of the story was rooted in what occurred within the first act. As a result we composed a modern take on the opening act of Arcadia.

My role within the group was a minor acting role combined with the job of keeping the group on task when we we’re filming, I also took some part in the direction of the scenes. However the majority of the structuring of each scene was done altogether as a group.  We worked well together and I was happy at our amateur attempt at creating the video.

My experience of working on the transmedia vlog enhanced my understanding of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia. This occurred during the constant re-reads of the text due to the need to understand character motivation or a plot point, to help alter our script, to discern which scenes were needed and crucial and which were not and all being important overall choices to be made for the video. Through multiple readings of the story it became easier to understand Stoppard’s confusing style, to understand the back and forth from past to future and vice versa thoroughly and how one was a reflection of the other, even though the stories ran parallel. It allowed us to fully appreciate the growth that Septimus went through over the years, when finally he was revealed to be the hermit. The vlog also helped to enhance my understand of the characters thought, as it was decided that our video would feature quick cuts scenes with the actor giving voice to short snippets of their inner thoughts. For the group to be able to discern what thoughts the characters would have, meant that Stoppard’s characters were already quite well realised and thusly we viewed them quite thankfully when it came to sorting those scenes.

Other benefits of doing the vlog were that the group was quite talented and interested. Much of the team often found some time to talk in an attempt to express their ideas despite being constantly interrupted or if someone else was talking. I discovered that it was important to maintain focus. Also that I have no skill in editing or flying but that I had plenty ideas when it came to direction and that I would do a much better job. Mostly I just enjoyed doing something new this semester with a group of people that got along really well and agreed on most ideas.


Group Vlog.


2 thoughts on “Semester2/ Transmedia Vlog”

  1. Good coverage of your role and of the benefits. Well done Nikola.

  2. PS
    Nikola could you also please respond to this questionnaire which is the beginning of a research project on the effectiveness/ value (or otherwise) of using Transmedia Vlogs as a teaching tool. This is really important and I hope I can get a response from each and every one of you (it is all completely anonymous!!) although you have the option of putting your name at the bottom. What you say in this questionnaire will have an impact on how I continue to teach using Digital Technology at ACU. Your responses are really, really important. If you do put your name at the bottom I may contact you to see if you are interested in a follow up conversation about your Transmedia experience.

    To access the questionnaire can you click on or copy and paste this U R L into your browser

    Many thanks MG

    Sorry to be so insistent!!!

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